About Us

Hi, my name is Nitemare. I like to play Vainglory a lot. I have been playing since August of 2015. I was never into MOBA's, but I was also never into computer games. My friend showed me Vainglory and I was all about that. I got addicted pretty instantly.

The community was one of the things that got me so involved in the game. I started to stream and it was surprising that people would come and watch me. Once I had 50 people watching and thought that was the coolest thing! Through the app Band I found a guild and grew to be a much better player.

After starting to become more competitive, my friend Finch32 made a spreadsheet to start keeping track of our stats during practice. We went through and tried to keep track through this method. It was really difficult because the sheet we made in google docs was cluttered and not easy. Luckily, I have been working as a PHP Developer for some time now and love having projects.

I started to build a website where we could input our stats and save them in a database. I love football and think love the stats part of it. I have always thought the QBR (Quarterback Rating) was always really interesting. I decided to create an algorithm to make it easier for me to figure out how close I was to what I would consider a perfect game. I call this the VRR (VainRankRating).

We decided that it would also be fun to try and make Esports more like sports. We could create a league and have teams set up for the league that we owned. Then we could choose captains and hold a draft. That way it would make the playing field more even. The great thing is the website that I was creating could hold a schedule and then we could keep all the stats. The website seemed to fit pretty well in what we were doing.

I build the website all by myself from scratch and put a lot of hard work into it. I really want to make this as good for the community as possible and usuable by anybody. If you find anything that could be better, please let me know. I am planning on making this site into a social center for Vainglory players. And in the next couple months, it will show.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the site.