Can I set up teams?

In VainRank you can go to the "My Team" page. At the top you will see "Join Team". If you click on this link, then you can create or join a team. If you are joining a team, then you need the team code from your captain.

Can I join my guild after signing up?

Yes, you can. On the "Join Guild" page you just need to enter in the guild code.

How do I leave my team or guild?

You can do so going to this page.

Where can I change my tier level or favorite position?

On your Dashboard at the very bottom of the page it will ask for your customizations. You can change them there.

How do I cancel my account?

Email vainrank@gmail.com and we can cancel your account if you would like.

Where do I get my guild code?

If you scroll over your name at the top right when logged in then it will show you your settings link. Click on that and you can create a guild and it will give you a guild code.